As-alamo'alejkom warahmatAllahu wabarakatuh


Satt i tunnelbanan och kom på denna och var tvungen och dela med mig, den är på engelska så jag hoppas det är okej, annars kan jag försöka översätta den till på svenska för er som vill det.


Life is like an experiment , were there is a beginning and an ending. Were you get to go through station by station to be tested by your behaviour and action. Were someone is watching  and listening in, in every step and writing it down. Were you get put through some obstacles just do see how you do.  And when you get to the last stop you also get your result.


This is our life brothers and sisters. We are like the experiment, Allah is our watcher and listener. Allah judge us of what we do and Allah also put us through obstacles. The stations are our period in life and were we have our beginning and ending, life and death.


So what do you want to hear when your result comes in the end?


Annars hoppas jag ni har haft en trevlig dag och vi ses in shaa Allah



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